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Bubble Shooter Candy 3


About the game Bubble Shooter Candy 3

Bubble Shooter Candy 3 is the long-awaited third installment of the sweetest Bubble Shooter ever created. A new set of sweet candy balls will make you love this game from the first moment you start shooting them! The game boasts a brand new "Candy Swap" feature, which allows you to swap the current ball in your shooting bow with the upcoming one. Now you can play even more strategically! Enjoy a brand new soundtrack and shoot even more candy balls than ever before!


Main features of Bubble Shooter Candy 3:

  • the game offers a new set of colorful and cute candy balls that will make the gameplay even more varied and pleasing to the eye
  • "Candy Swap" function allows you to exchange the current ball in the shooter with the upcoming one, which adds a new dimension of strategy to the game
  • a new soundtrack that adds atmosphere and energy to the gameplay, creating an unforgettable sound setting for players
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