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Sweet Candy Halloween


About the game Sweet Candy Halloween

Sweet Candy Halloween - collect "delicious"

Halloween atmosphere - absolutely. And is it so sweet and candy ... see for yourself! In Sweet Candy Halloween your task, as with most match-3 games, is to arrange identical items in rows or columns. Just put 3 together, but 4 or 5 looks even cooler, right? Combine and move taking into account what specific requirements you get at a certain level.

Everything in Sweet Candy Halloween is related in some way to this American custom. Halloween, scary pumpkins, skulls in balloons or shiny lollipops, Frankenstein's mask ... Phew, all "sweets"! As soon as you connect identical blocks together, they disappear, adding coins / points to your account. Remember that the game time is limited!

Don't worry if you run out of moves in Sweet Candy Halloween - sometimes bombs can come to your aid, which you can detonate by removing the items you need to get. If you run out of options, the system will shuffle the items so that you can figure it out a bit more.

Halloween is not as scary as it is painted! Therefore, despite the setting as if from a horror movie, even children can play Sweet Candy Halloween - knowing the rules is extremely simple. Test on a computer, smartphone or tablet, depending on the conditions and possibilities you now have. Which level will you manage to reach?

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