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Once a year there is a day when kids all over the world dress up as monsters, witches and ghosts to scare adults and each other. Many online computer games have their spooky variations - after all, Halloween is an important day for many and an opportunity to organize a costume party. Thanks to such usually simple and visually pleasing games, you can feel the Halloween atmosphere even on other days of the year. The leitmotifs of the games are judges, ghosts and wizards. If you feel like having some fun in a spooky atmosphere, OnlyGames has something for you. Some will choose pumpkin puzzles and match-3 blocks, others will be more interesting in a witch-style dress up game.

Many online computer games, both single-player and multiplayer, have their Halloween versions. So we can easily find Halloween Tetris, adventures with zombies in the background, or learning to spell. Spooky balls and diamond games, where we will get to know the adventures of vampires - we recommend you turn on the light during the evening marathon in Halloween games!

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