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About the game Jewel Shuffle

Jewel Shuffle - play jeweler


Are you tempted by colorful and shiny diamonds? Do you want to feel like you are in the market of precious things in Aladdin's world? Move to the magical world thanks to Jewel Shuffle, a match-3 game in which your task is to sort precious stones. This is a fun and simple game that requires observation and a bit of cleverness. Each subsequent level requires greater concentration and number of points from you, so take your time for this challenge.


Be careful - Jewel Shuffle is extremely addictive! You can soak in front of the screen for hours. Time is made more pleasant by a mysterious soundtrack with a melody similar to soundtracks from the world of magic. Test this nice gameplay for individualists - unless you want to use someone else's help. The game mechanics are simple - by clicking the cursor, swap the stones in such a way as to bring together 3-5 identical ones in one place. The items will disappear immediately, giving you the appropriate number of points.


Match-3 games are simple options even for little ones. Remember that when you manage to combine more than three stones, you will receive a bonus in the form of extra points and a special gem that explodes with a little more momentum. Let yourself be drawn into fun and invite your kids to practice their perceptiveness. You will see how much fun they will have finding the opportunity to maneuver on the board! The surroundings of the playing field are nice and colorful, so it attracts children's attention.

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