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About the game Jewel Burst

Is anyone surprised by the diamond motif in space? Unforgettable gamers for sure - the popular match 3 game (though you'd like to say match AT LEAST 3) is fun to play for hours on end. Jewel Burst requires us to be observant and efficient, and the task is to connect identical elements in a row or column.

Jewel Burst has 200 levels of increasing difficulty. You move through outer space, reaching into the fields of challenges. At specific stages, there are more attractions, such as dynamite or rainbow diamonds. The passing time adds a bit of adrenaline, and the interplanetary style adds color to the game. Collect points and stars and climb through the skies to the top.

The fewer movements you make, the better, so plan wisely and don't get distracted. After each Jewel Burst level, you get a summary of the mission results, with information about action times, matches, scoring etc. Go to outer space!

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