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About the game Gems Shooter

Gems Shooter - Dangerously Addictive "shooter"


Shooter or maybe an idyll? Probably more the latter ... Gems Shooter game is theoretically based on the use of cartridges and weapons, but in fact it is about throwing colorful elements into a carousel of similar diamonds. Even though it's more of a match-3 game, it also has the elements of the classic Bubble Shooter, where you have to hit colored objects in a clever and thoughtful way.


Gems Shooter is a singleplayer game, so for individualists or loners. If you want to play this particular game in a larger group, it may be worth testing the home competition method, i.e. let everyone use their device. This way, you will be able to see whose tactics are most effective and whose fate is favorable. This version of the browser game looks best on a large screen, such as a computer or at least a tablet.


In Gems Shooter, you visit a mine with several mysterious objects and the aforementioned colorful carousel. Watch carefully which colored blocks are stacking together and find the right moment to aim the ammo. On the side you can see how many elements you have already used up, what is your score and time - if you want to compete, all these parameters can be useful for the classification. Will you pick up the gauntlet and take care of disassembling the colorful carousel? Do it carefully enough not to lose your diamonds, it would be an unforgettable loss.

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