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Games where food appears is definitely not a category worth delving into hungry. Simple puzzles, arcade or logic games - food can appear anywhere there. So if you only have a break between classes at the university, and you have not stocked up on lunch - at least buy yourself a nutritious bar from the vending machine, otherwise your saliva may leak on the screen.

The food appears as a leitmotif - in a simulation of running a restaurant or hot dog stand, for example - or just a nice addition or themed accent. Fruit-dominated games encourage healthy eating habits much better than the production of pizza and burgers. Jigsaw puzzles, matching games and the classic arcade machine - the fruit is at the fore here everywhere. If you fancy a simple and very rewarding game that is hard to tear yourself away from, choose Merge Fruit. Falling pieces of fruit magically merge with each other to create completely different species.

A non-dietary and healthy option for teeth is playing with arranging tiny, shiny candies. Catch the Candy, Candy Mahjong or Bubble Shooter Candy Wheel? These pleasures will not provoke the need for an accelerated visit to the dentist, and besides, they have no calories. The only danger they bring is the fact that they are extremely addictive - you can spend long hours with them, breaking satisfactory records.

aplikacja mobilna