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Games for 15-year-olds - what do young people like to play?

What is fun to play? It must be interesting, developmentally (after all, the lack of variability is terribly tedious!) And dynamic. The Internet is teeming with long lists of fun games for kids and teens. Many of them are available for free from the browser - both from a computer and a smartphone with a comfortable large display. There are rumors that in the muted mode some of the proposals can be played unnoticed under the desk during a boring lesson, but of course it is not recommended to test it!

The Adam and Eve series are platformers and puzzles in one - perfect games for 15-year-olds. It is about finding an opportunity to arrange a meeting between Adam and Eve. Sounds too simple? It definitely won't be like that! First, figure out how to move between the levels, then look for ways to open gates and secret passages, and then bribe the characters that stand in your way. And of course, don't get eaten or smashed by creatures that are just waiting for your hesitation. It will be exciting!

If you like to play simulators, you might like Penguin Cafe. You have to control the character of a nice penguin who manages the cafe. Your tasks include virtually all the duties of a waitress - you seat guests, collect orders, deliver them, take tips, clean tables… Phew, there's a lot of it! In addition, you carry out a specific financial plan every day, and you can get bonuses at the same time. Penguin Cafe is an interesting way to train multitasking!

aplikacja mobilna