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Bouncing Balls 2


About the game Bouncing Balls 2

Bouncing Balls 2 Online is a classic game that consists of bouncing the ball at the right angle and breaking the blocks as effectively as possible. In this version, you are faced with the challenge of colored squares - each color matches the number that decorates the field. The numbers, in turn, represent the number of times it takes to hit a given spot to make it disappear from the board. Easy? Of course, but only in theory! Satisfying? Yes, of course!

Bouncing Balls 2 requires you to fully concentrate and estimate the ball's path - see where it lands, when it bounces off the wall, and what moves allow you to capture the most blocks in one go. Also collect additional balls, which will make the task much easier, and golden stars.

Don't get distracted and break your own records in Bouncing Balls 2 Online. Due to the vertical layout and appropriate formatting, the game will be perfect not only on a computer, but also on mobile devices. Fire, bounce and jump over the levels with Bouncing Balls!

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