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Already at the turn of the 70s and 80s people looking for entertainment from all over the world got to know the magic of arcade games. Initially available mainly on slot machines, arcade games chained players to the machines for hours, while encouraging them to insert coins each time they tried to start a new game.

Fortunately, today such fun is free, and can be achieved without leaving home - from any computer or mobile device. Browser arcade games come in many varieties. What they have in common is fast action, simple operation and a not too complicated plot. The very first levels of the game encourage you to run it frequently and screw your records.

Among the various types of arcade games, arcade races are popular, such as "Traffic Zone Car RAcer". At the beginning, we see several options - choosing a vehicle, time of day or race mode. A few clicks later, we rush at breakneck speed, passing other road users!

You can find an interesting story by running the title "Jelly Shift Online". The player controls the "slime" which changes shape, adapting to the encountered obstacles. Weird? It's true, but very addictive!

Many online arcade games are all about overcoming obstacles by moving your character to the right, like in the classic "Mario".

Not all arcade games will attract every player, but if you find the right title, you will be drawn for hours of the game. Some such titles also allow you to compete online, thanks to which, in multiplayer mode, you can challenge your friends to a duel!

aplikacja mobilna