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Galaxy Warriors


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About the game Galaxy Warriors

Fancy an old fashioned space shooter? Then Galaxy Warriors is the perfect game for you. Regardless of whether you want to relax after a long day or just look for a way to get bored - you will not be disappointed. It's a simple game where you endlessly fly ahead and shoot new enemies.

Be vigilant as more enemies or obstacles appear on the screen: enemy fighters and rows of asteroids. The enemy will not hesitate to use all his forces against you, so dodge his attacks and, more importantly, shoot at the target! In Galaxy Warriors, you only control your ship by moving your ship with the mouse, missiles are automatically fired throughout the game.

Eliminating enemy ships is not everything. Collect falling coins and the so-called. power-ups. This is by far the most profitable acquisition, because thanks to them you can upgrade your ship with additional cannons and rocket launchers. Earn points, face increasingly difficult challenges! Start your space adventure with Galaxy Warriors now.

The graphics of Galaxy Warriors refer to the atmosphere of older games, so experienced players may arouse a bit of nostalgia. The top view allows for a quick, simple assessment of the situation, the ship's control is very precise, and the boards scrolling in the background are extremely effective. With an epic soundtrack, you'll get even more into the atmosphere of space battle, although you can turn it off at the touch of a button if needed. Defeat alien invaders, upgrade your ship and have fun with Galaxy Warriors!


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