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About the game Pac-Xon

Pac Xon - outsmart the monsters

Do you know the classic Pac Man? Sure you know it! And if by some miracle not - be sure to read this version and you will not regret it. In Pac Xon You move around the board with a small, yellow creature that builds walls and has to cover a certain percentage of the area to go to the next stage.

Clever sprites move all over the space, trying to make this task difficult for him. Avoid contact with them, and don't let them break the line you lead between the walls - otherwise you will lose a life.

Pac Xon is extremely simple, but fun and rewarding. Along the way, you score colorful, juicy sheep that give you points or help you fight your opponents (who come from round to round!).

As you level up, Pac-Xon becomes more and more challenging, so some dexterity and practice will come in handy. Do you dare to wall up a large area at once or will you methodically try one or two cubes? The choice is yours!

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