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Bouncing Balls - jumping, energetic balls

Almost everyone knows the games from the Bouncing Balls series - they are classic entertainment from before the era of enormous popularity and popularity of the Internet. The game consists in tapping the balls in such a way that they hit the tiles with numbers hanging in the space. If the shots are on target, the points are added to the player's account, if not, the action must be repeated - unless you run out of moves - then game over, the game is over! But don't let yourself be eliminated so easily - combine and aim precisely to collect as many points as possible - after all, that's what it's all about!

Bouncing Balls games have a low entry threshold, don't require a lot of concentration or special skills. You just need to know the basic principle of physics - how to bounce a ball off the wall - to hit the target place accurately. Each game in the series has its own additional rules - for example, hitting a tile with a plus icon causes an additional ball to appear, which makes the task of breaking the entire tile easier.

Do you have a moment during your break at work, but you miss the company to spend it with? Have you been on the train for a good few hours and the route seems to go on forever? Fire up your Bouncing Balls and relax as you gently bounce the ball to the target. The application interface is programmed in such a way that playing from a mobile device (and therefore from anywhere with access to the Internet) was pleasant and comfortable.

aplikacja mobilna