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Retro games - something for true fans of the classics

Do you like good old online games and want to spend some time delving into your memories? Browse the list of carefully selected titles that will satisfy even the most demanding users. Retro games are a large set of various proposals - platformers, puzzles or FPS - for a boring, rainy afternoon, a break from work or study, or even waiting in line at the checkout at the supermarket.

Take a look at Gummy Blocks for example, which is a lovely rainbow-colored tetris puzzle (is there a more retro game than Tetris?) But no time pressure - the pieces don't fall and appear in the bank at the bottom of the board. It is fun and completely stress-free. Your task is to arrange the colored blocks on the board in such a way that they form complete rows and columns. When it is successful, the specific fragment disappears and you gain points on your account. You can play endlessly, as long as you manage to keep a safe free space for adding more fragments.

Stone Smacker is a retro game from the Pixel Art category. Characteristic graphics allow you to feel the atmosphere of the "era". You play the role of a man equipped with a weapon, which moves on simple boards filled with greenery, trees and stones. These stones must be moved in such a way that they hit the designated holes. Be careful not to land in a corner where it would be difficult to get out! A large number of levels guarantees satisfying fun for many hours.

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