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Jumping balls - fun and undemanding fun

Do you need a break from reality? Bouncing balls will help you get away from it - a whole collection of games where the main goal is simply to bounce the balls. Relax to the relaxing sounds of hitting the designated points and complete the tasks set before you. No special competences or directional education are required - it is enough to understand the basic laws of physics and understand the trajectory of movement. Do you want to practice it? You'll have a lot of fun along the way!

Bouncing Balls Game (translated into Polish is simply a bouncing ball game) in the html version is simple fun with an interface that will also work on mobile devices. In front of you is a small, inconspicuous yellow ball whose role is to break up the colored blocks that appear at the top of the board. At first, there are only a few - just for warming up! - but then there are more things to do, and the ball has to double and triple to cope with the challenges. Fortunately, it comes out on a tour thanks to the fact that more balls appear over time. Strength in the group!

Bricks Breaker, which is a brick breaker, is a game of the same rules, but with a slightly different graphic layer - here you are dealing with electrifying, neon platforms that you have to smash. Relax by unlocking all levels in turn. There are many balls, and each tile shows how many times you must hit it to make it disappear. Happy bouncing!

aplikacja mobilna