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Super Tank War


About the game Super Tank War

Super Tank War is the perfect title for lovers of militaria and, above all, tanks! Now you can start controlling a miniature tank with which you will attack the enemy base. Be prepared for a fierce duel as the opponents will be aggressive and will respond very quickly. Be smart by reacting quickly - find the enemy's weakness, attack without hesitation and destroy every base.

At the beginning of the game, you can choose one of three difficulty levels. In addition, during each round, collect virtual coins to upgrade your tanks and invest in better and better weapons. This will make the chance of winning a tank battle in Super Tank War much higher.

Super Tank War is addictive entertainment where you can feel the competitive spirit. Control your tank with the arrow keys and shoot the target with the mouse button. The game provides smooth control over the vehicle, and energetic music complements the unique atmosphere. There are over 70 levels to unlock, so the fun will last for hours.

In terms of graphics, Super Tank War is a very minimalistic, yet effective title. The top view provides excellent situational awareness and simple controls. The music is extremely pleasant, but if you need silence to focus better, you can turn it off at any time.

While playing Super Tank War, you will encounter up to 10 types of enemy tanks, as well as 3 types of player tanks. You can buy all upgrades for virtual money earned during the game, the game is completely free! If you are a fan of tanks or a war atmosphere and are looking for a source of extra adrenaline, this game is made just for you.

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