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About the game Chrome Dino Game

Chrome Dino Game - when the internet is bad

The dinosaur from the Google Chrome browser probably needs no introduction, right? Exactly! He is always with you when the internet goes down and you don't know what to do with yourself. Instead of biting your nails or picking your nose, you can simply take on the challenge of guiding the drawn dinosaur through a field full of obstacles. Make sure that he jumps up at the right moment (usually over cacti) and that he tilts his head to avoid flying birds. Ah, what fun, and it's completely free! You can earn so many points and race with your friends…

Now, in addition, it turns out that you don't have to wait until the internet disconnects or turn it off yourself. Chrome Dino Game is the equivalent of the browser dino, only in the online version. The rules are exactly the same - you control a cute pet created in retro 8-bit technology and you have to make sure that it doesn't bump into any obstacles along the way. A lot of dangers grow before him - and this is a cactus, and this is a stone, and this is a forest.

Make Dino safely overcome the next stages - and more, and more, and more. There are quite a lot of them, and the game goes on non-stop. Therefore, as long as you are on the run, there is a chance for a record result. Note that in this case the lengths of the jumps may differ from each other - otherwise you will jump over a small cactus, and differently through a whole cluster of them. A quite important difference is the fact that in Google Chrome the dinosaur has the ability to crouch from the beginning of the game to dodge the blows of obstacles from above. Chrome Dino Game is a game where the main character can't.

How to control a dinosaur? There is not much philosophy here - all you need is the space bar. Use it carefully and regularly, remembering not to push too early in front of an obstacle - then it may turn out that instead of landing behind it, you will find yourself, for example, in the middle of a cactus. You don't need anything else, so go, ready, go!

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