Gold Miner


About this game

Gold Miner - a fortune in gold

Play as a treasure hunter, or rather - a miner in a gold mine. Gold Miner is a great opportunity to practice your reflexes and… counting skills, because banknotes are collected here extremely easily and pleasantly. Take it easy, your career as a miner is not the same as working in dust underground. You are a character with a majestic gray beard and you are sitting comfortably on the surface, equipped with a professional kit for catching valuable pieces of ore. In a simple way, using the arrows, you cast your fishing rod and take out more and more valuable items - and this is a precious stone, a nugget of gold, a diamond or a mysterious sack full of ... see what!

Gold Miner is a game in which you can buy interesting accessories and tools, such as dynamite or diamond polishing set, for the funds collected during the excavation. Remember that time is limited in each round and your task is to collect a specific amount on your account. To work!