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About the game Jewel Bubbles

Jewel Bubbles 3 is a puzzle game in "Match 3". Match at least 3 jewels to create the longest chain reaction possible while scoring the most points. Great fun for everyone!

Rules of the game Jewel Bubbles 3

Jewel Bubbles 3 is an incredibly addictive match-three game in which we focus on rearranging different-colored elements (in this case, jewels placed in bubbles) to create lines of at least three of the same color.

The more efficiently we do it - that is, the more identical elements we manage to connect and thus break - the more points we get. What's more, on the Jewel Bubbles 3 game boards we also find special bubbles that work like bombs. By breaking them, we clear the board and instantly improve our score.

Unlike many other games of this kind, in Jewel Bubbles 3 you are not pressed for time. There is no counter that would encourage us to arrange and burst bubbles as quickly as possible. The authors, however, introduced another limitation related to the number of moves that we can make. So it's worth thinking carefully about every move we make. Jewel Bubbles 3 is therefore more of a puzzle game than an arcade game.

In Jewel Bubbles 3, 60 levels of increasing difficulty await us. The first one is trivially easy, but over time the game becomes more and more demanding. The motivation to try for the best result is the rating we get with each attempt - it can range from one to three stars.

In Jewel Bubbles 3, after completing the classic game mode, a bonus one awaits us. So the game should be enough for many hours. And practically anyone can play it - its operation is a piece of cake, and you don't have to pay a penny for the opportunity to play.

Features of Jewel Bubbles 3:

  • addictive game representing the "match three" genre,
  • no time limit (a rarity in this type of game),
  • 60 levels with increasing difficulty,
  • game available for free,
  • game available from a web browser.
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