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Ecological games - for those who play green

The future of our planet is not indifferent to you? Are you interested in broadly understood ecology, saving resources or looking for methods to avoid the impending climate catastrophe? Environmental activity is of course very important, but you may need a moment to pamper yourself during a break. Ecological games are not only entertaining, but also educational - they require cleverness, open mind or cunning. There is also empathy and sensitivity here. Choose any of the fun proposals from the list to start an eco-friendly rally full of adventures and fun challenges.

The first stop is Happy Green Earth. You have several modules to choose from here. Start with the one that seems most interesting to you. Animals, pollution, drying up of the Earth - all this deserves attention, but in its own time. The tasks are apparently simple, as is the daily prevention of environmental degradation, but when it comes down to it, it may not be all that obvious. Help the cloud to water the soil by creating a clever rainwater flow system and save the world from extinction. If you want, offer this game to younger participants - they will surely be able to skillfully cope with basic tasks and learn something about the world at the same time.

Planet Repair Squad is a proposal in which you play as extraterrestrial - aliens come to the rescue to save our planet! A nice retro game requires some dexterity and good reflexes. Do you have what it takes to save the earth?

Eco Inc. game Save The Earth Planet is the most extensive option on this list. Select the level and the game module - better start from the basic level to get used to the game. Opt for the tutorial mode, thanks to which you will learn about the activities of the corporation saving the planet. Travel all over the world while completing quests in this important economic game. See how many things work on the principle of a communicating vessel system. Good luck saving the world!

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