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About the game Domino Multiplayer

Dominoes is a game known for a long time. The oldest set for this form of entertainment was found in the tomb of Tutankhamun, the Egyptian pharaoh who ruled in the years 1333-1323 BC Of course, it did not look exactly like the dice used today, but it was very similar to them. It's fascinating that after more than three millennia, dominoes still manage to pull you in like... quicksand!

If you want to find out, be sure to run Domino Black. This is a browser game in which dominoes are arranged by two, three or even four people. Each of them receives a randomly drawn pool of dice, which are then laid out by subsequent players according to the accepted rules. The key one is that adjacent tiles on tiles must have the same number (from zero to six).

The first player to lay down all their stones wins. You can also end the game by earning a certain number of points at the beginning. You can choose from three goals: 100 points, 150 points or 200 points. The whole game takes place in an atmosphere of concentration and allows you to move your gray cells. It is also a great way to de-stress.

Domino Black is a game available completely for free, from the level of a web browser. All you need is a computer with constant access to the Internet, and you can start it in a few seconds. Importantly, it can be played on one PC with up to four people, which makes it a great party and family entertainment.

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