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Dominoes - math puzzle and revision

Do you know the game of Dominoes? There are people who played it half their childhood, and you can probably find some who have never heard of it. Regardless of what it looks like for you, you can get to know the game and love it, even if you don't have small, flat bricks with eyelets at your disposal. Playing Domino in the virtual version is not much different from the live one, there are also different variations of it. All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet access to start delicious fun.

Domino Legend is a true classic. The elegant interface in red makes the gameplay more pleasant. To start with, you have to decide which version of the game you choose today - there are two variants, i.e. Block and Draw. In both, your goal is to score 100 points and outclass your opponent. You place the blocks with the correct number of stitches on the table in front of you one by one - to be able to do this, you need to be able to match to the same number, for example 3 stitches next to 3 stitches. Get rid of the pieces as quickly as possible by arranging them cleverly.

Dominoes has the same rules, but a slightly different design - a pleasing, clean interface in lilac color will surely appeal to fans of purple. Lay out the Domino tiles, cleverly matching them to those placed by your opponent. Here you will also find the Draw and Block versions, which suggest a course of action when one of the players cannot match the tile. Have a nice game!

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