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Y8 games - something for regular fans of the best fun

If you're looking for the coolest experience, Y8 games are the section that has a high chance of meeting your expectations. You will find here a number of classics of the genre, but also complete novelties that will delight you with their simplicity, and again with pleasant intrigues. Are you a person who prefers platformers, shooters, and maybe a little bit of everything? Be careful - they can be really, dangerously addictive!

Meowfia Evolution is not only a humorous pun, but also an opportunity for fantastic fun. It has a comfortable, longitudinal interface that will also work perfectly on your smartphone, so you can comfortably play also during a break at school, at university or at work, and even on the train or other means of transport. If you look closely, it becomes obvious that the title meow refers to fluffy, meowing critters that go their own way. It is a real fun for cats and kittens! You come to a square full of cat's toys - lots of space, garbage bags, bins ... The only thing missing is comfortable cardboard boxes. When the first character appears, you need to quickly organize a second, identical one, and a new one will be created. This is a real cat's evolution! The mafia keeps the neighborhood with a firm hand and newer species appear nearby. Also expect a surprise in the form of cats in a poke! For each new kitten, you earn coins which will then allow you to multiply the herd. Good luck!

If you prefer classic platformers, the Transmorpher game from the Y8 section is a perfect direction for you. You are a small, green, space people who have a mission to get through the industrial playground to the designated point. Classic obstacles in the form of uneven terrain await you, but also dangerous lasers that can kill you, chasms, too addictive fans and so on. In each of the next levels, the bar is set higher and higher, and the desired point is the magic door through which you go to the next board. Look after yourself!

aplikacja mobilna