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Onet, the classic of browser games

Onet games are definitely one of the most popular interactive puzzles available for play in the browser. Their simple mechanics make every user understand its rules well after just a few minutes spent with the game. It is in this minimalistic style of gameplay that the captivating nature of production lies. You just need to find matching tiles and connect them together. At first glance, the game seems simple and undemanding. However, after a few moments you can fall into the syndrome of "one more level".

The quality and popularity of this simple game can be proved by the multitude of variations on it. The first productions of this type, still based on Java technology, appeared on mobile phones. Today at Only Games you will find, among others, classic Onet games, in which you think it's about matching the same numbers. What's more, the catalog of games includes Christmas and animal matching versions (the numbers are replaced with thematic pictures).

Onet - simple and addictive puzzle games

An important element, thanks to which not only perceptiveness, but also logical thinking is important in the game, is the line that connects matching tiles. It must take place in empty spaces, so often during the game you have to introduce tactics to unlock the path to the twin elements. Another aspect that makes Onet such an addictive category is sound, and more precisely, very satisfying sound signals that indicate the right connection.

All these mechanisms, ingenious in their simplicity, are enriched by the visual setting, which is colorful, joyful and charming in a manner typical for browser games. This cheerful style, inspired by comics and fairy tales, can be seen especially in Onet games based on combining pictures. Each of the charming and original tiles will delight not only toddlers, but also adults with their distinctive colors and charming style.

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