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Snail Bob 8


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About the game Snail Bob 8

Snail Bob 8 - the adventures of a charming Snail

Are you looking for entertainment for the youngest, which will not only appeal to the little ones, will not be scary, but will also have some educational value? Snail Bob 8: Island Story comes to your aid! This cute point & click hero has won the hearts of children (and adults!) From all over the world. It teaches logic, provides a lot of great fun and laughter, and very often also causes logical challenges. One thing is for sure - with this cute pet, you will undoubtedly not be bored!

Snail Bob 8: Island Story begins like any other installment in the unique series, with a short story. Fishing with Grandpa? A journey to an enchanted island full of secrets? See what happens to Bob this time and accompany him on the way!

The operating mechanism is extremely simple here, which is why it is even more friendly to kids who are not yet familiar with dexterity or other complicated applications. All you need is a touchpad, an ordinary computer mouse or a touch screen on a mobile device, such as a tablet, to comfortably experience adventures with Bob playing Snail Bob 8. When there is an element in the field of view that you want to examine, just click it - then the main character will let you know if he is able to do something with him or not.

Note that there are golden stars placed throughout Snail Bob 8 - these are your trophies, which you and Snail should collect together! Each level has a certain number of them and the collected items appear in the upper left corner of the screen. On the right, there are so-called boosters - you can use super acceleration if you need it, or you can reverse the Snail to simply change the direction of movement.

There are as many as ... 90 levels to beat, each of which contains interesting tasks, puzzles, as well as challenges with a friendly melody (which, if you prefer, you can also mute it). Bring Bob to the end of the game and see how much fun it is!

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