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Slither.io - time for some competition

Do you like to compete with others, race your way to the triumphal place on the podium? Then Slither.io is a game that has a great chance to win your sympathy. The rules are not complicated, so the entry threshold is not scary - even if your biggest gaming feat so far is Sims or Snake in old Nokia, you will no doubt do it here as well.

You start with choosing your character - for some it is important, for others it is probably just a formality. Give her a name and then start having fun because others are already here! It is an interactive game with many participants, where everyone starts on the same level, i.e. as a little worm. When playing Slither.io and moving around the common territory, you must look for food that will give you strength, energy and make you become a bigger and bigger worm, until you finally start to intimidate everyone around you with its size.

There is room for negative interaction in Slither.io, but only when your character exceeds the attacked one - otherwise, there is no point in resorting to any tricks, because you will simply disappear from the surface of the board in a fraction of a second. However, if your opponent suffers as a result of the confrontation, they will be left with shiny colored dots, which are valuable food that will help you strengthen yourself and raise your position in the ranking of results.

Although Slither.io is a game similar to other games of this type, it is worth analyzing all the nuances that distinguish it. Note that the way of moving is quite specific here - a special rudder is used for this, which is on the board, and you have to position it in such a way that the character moves in the direction you choose. On your way, you will also encounter various interesting bonuses - it can be, for example, a small magnet, thanks to which you will collect more food, or numerical bonuses that double or triple your results. It is worth collecting them all, especially if you care about a good deposit! Are you ready for a little competition?



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