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Spider Solitaire 2


About the game Spider Solitaire 2

Spider Solitaire 2 - an accessible form of spider solitaire, the best entertainment for the soloists, play now and see what the challenge is waiting for you!

Know the classic spider solitaire from Windows? If you liked this form of individual play, you will surely be happy to remember it online. Spider Solitaire 2 is based on a few simple rules - cards arranged in an accordion puzzle should be sorted in descending order, and the complete pile goes to a separate place. Organize them all like this, gradually adding more cards to yourself when you are ready for it. Sounds complicated? After a while of playing Spider Solitaire 2, it won't be like that anymore.

Spider Solitaire 2 has the undoubted advantage of being able to adjust the level. Spider Solitaire has obvious rules - you start with all the spades, end up mastering all four of the card suits. And all this without spreading a single deck on your own table or floor! By playing online, you minimize the risk of wanting to spread your cards all over the apartment when you fail. Go in time and compete with your friends and yourself! Spider Solitaire 2 is waiting for you, play now!

How many cards are used in Spider Solitaire?

In Spider Solitaire 2 we use two full decks, and the game is played in this solitaire with a total of 104 cards. At the beginning, 54 cards are divided into 10 piles, the first 4 piles have 6 cards, the remaining 6 piles have 5 cards. The first card of each pile is face up, the rest are face down. In Spider Solitaire, there is also an additional pile in which the remaining 50 cards are placed.

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