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About the game Cube Mania

Cube Mania - don't open without breakfast!

Cube Mania game is another proposal from the "match 3" series, slightly modified towards Mahjong. What is it about? On the "table" placed on the screen in front of you, there is a compilation of cubes with various pictures of food. There will be something for herbivores (lettuce, onions, flowers, fruit ...) and for those who prefer animal products (cheese, shrimps, etc.).

Choose which items you would like to collect first in Cube Mania, find three and place them on a special plate placed in front of you on the screen. As soon as three identical symbols appear on it, they disappear, just like in classic matches. Remember that you decide for yourself what to put there, so do it carefully.

Cube Mania is a game in which you have to think strategically, use your sharpness and perceptiveness. Thanks to the colorful and eye-catching elements, as well as the low level of difficulty in the first levels, it will also work for the youngest. Invite the children to play together, which costs nothing. Start Cube Mania in the browser of your computer or mobile device if, for example, you have to wait for something.

As with similar games of this type, in Cube Mania the difficulty level increases from level to level. But otherwise it would be boring, wouldn't it? Check how you handle the next challenges and be careful not to get tangled up in peculiar combinations of flavors, from which it will be difficult to successfully extricate yourself.

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