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Do you want to relax with a satisfying gameplay that will stimulate your gray cells? You will surely like the unique Cookie Crush titles. In each part, there are even several hundred levels to overcome, which become more and more demanding with time. These are very satisfying games - they provide many hours of great entertainment and it's impossible to tear yourself away from them after completing the first few stages!

All Cookie Crush games have very simple rules. You have at your disposal a board with many stars, donuts, candies and cookies. Your task is to arrange them in such a way that three identical symbols are lined up in one line. You get points for each such combination, and you need to cross out a certain number of cookies to proceed to the next stage.

Also note that your movements are not unlimited. This means that you have to look very carefully at the board and carefully plan your next moves in order to achieve the best possible result. Each Cookie Crush game is a long and challenging adventure that is sure to take a long time to complete. However, you can expect great satisfaction after completing the most demanding stages.

Noteworthy is also a very attractive audiovisual setting, which distinguishes all free games in this series. Cookie Crush are titles with extremely colorful graphics and eye-catching animations, as evidenced by, for example, the charming character of Gingy, the mascot of the entire series. Satisfying sound effects as well as relaxing background music are also of great importance.

Onlygames.io is a unique site with free online games that you will surely like. We make every effort to supplement the offer with new titles from the Cookie Crush series and more. We guarantee that unusual, very rewarding challenges await you. Choose your favorite part of the series, then help Gingy collect all the cookies!

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