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Bon Voyage


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About the game Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage - enjoy your trip!

Have a good trip to a virtual world full of colorful adventures! Before you Bon Voyage, a browser game with a simple, well-known and extremely addictive "match 3" mechanism. What's your job? Arranging elements in clusters - as you might guess, at least three next to each other. This combination makes the items disappear and you gain points on your account. Extremely satisfying!

With each subsequent round, Bon Voyage offers different, interesting challenges of increasing difficulty and complexity. Check yourself by testing if you can cope with them and with what effect. You can arrange straw hats, suitcases, a juicy watermelon or an inflatable swimming duck, among others. Just in time to get into the summer holiday mood, for example before the upcoming holiday.

In Bon Voyage, you have a choice: whether you want to register your account in order not to lose the game results and be able to leave them saved in the browser. Thanks to this, you can observe how your character climbs in the leaderboard and gets higher and higher positions. Beware, it can be addictive! The game even has several hundred levels, each of which is based on a slightly different principle. The cartoon hero tells you what to do to get the highest score. Combine 4 or even 5 identical accessories next to each other and see what it brings! Additionally, each level is rated with stars. Try to collect as many of them as possible through effective action.

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