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For bomberman fans and more! Place bombs to make your way through a complex maze and defeat enemies.

Initially, games about planting bombs in a maze-like board were associated with console titles from the 1980s and the first personal computers. These were, among others original Bomberman, or better known in Poland - Dyna Blaster. Currently, there are many games - also in HTML5 technology, which allows you to run the application in the browser and on mobile devices - based on the well-known and appreciated many years ago mechanics.


The Bomb It series of browser games (at OnlyGames.io you can play Bomb It 6, Bomb It 7, etc.) are bombs at their best. This is the next installment of the game, a'la bomberman, in which the classic, pixelated retro graphics has been replaced by more colorful, fairy-tale and modern. In addition, after firing - which is typical for this game - a bomb, we can find one of the many surprises that will improve the movement of our character and place better and better bombs.

Bomb games are almost always 2D arcade titles with very simple rules. However, these are not trivial to complete the game, and after completing many levels, when there are many computer opponents on the board, getting the next level will be a real problem.

Many bomb-blasting games offer the possibility of multiplayer fun in multiplayer fish, sometimes using one device (e.g. two people play on one keyboard - one uses the arrows and the other uses the WSAD keys), and often via the Internet.

aplikacja mobilna