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Pet Runner


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About the game Pet Runner

Pet Runner - a run for gold

A great journey for gold coins is a great adventure that you can decide on together with a slightly crazy street cat who invites you to his world. Your task is to dynamically move around the city and catch shiny gold coins in such a way as not to endanger your health at any time. You have to reach the finish line in full - contrary to appearances, in Pet Runner it is not that easy! So tune in to the challenge mode and focus on the mission entrusted to you.

Pet Runner requires a bit of agility, reaction speed and reflexes. At the beginning it is relatively easy - you start running and the only thing you need to remember is jumping over protruding elements standing in your way. Over time, the ability to slide is added to it, then you get a skateboard that gives you speed, then a helicopter and you become the master of the land and the sky. Keep in mind that you have to control each of these objects yourself, so a little dexterity training will be useful. Your feline hero is counting on you!

Due to the high volatility of the environment, the game is really fun and it is difficult to get bored with it. Ah, actually, one more thing should be mentioned - as a kitten you have to run away from a nasty hyclem that is only waiting for your mistakes (mainly because it is not able to run as fast as you!). Don't get caught and have a great time, and offer this fun and laughable game to children as well.

Controls in the game Pet Runner

  • Left Arrow: Move Left
  • Right Arrow: Move Right
  • Up Arrow Key: Jump
  • Down Arrow: Glide
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