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Dream Pet Link


About the game Dream Pet Link

The Onlygames website offers over several hundred different online games, and to play them, all you need is access to a regular browser. The games are typically casual, some of them require more concentration or thinking, others involve arcade skills, but surely everyone will find something for themselves among them. Our games are a great idea for boredom, regardless of age or experience in the virtual world.

Our offer also includes titles ideal for the youngest, including Dream Pet Link. The rules are very simple, which is why the game will appeal to both young children and adults looking for relaxing entertainment. At the beginning there is a board with tiles decorated with cute animals, e.g. cats, mice or penguins. When two pictures are matched, the tiles disappear, leaving empty spaces. The task is to clear the entire board in the allotted time.

Dream Pet Link offers as many as nine levels of great fun, during which you will test your perceptiveness, fill the waiting time or rest after a day of duties. Remember that you can only combine animals if they are not separated by other tiles. They must either be next to each other or have empty spaces between them.

The graphic design of Dream Pet Link is mainly intense, pastel colors, and the animals on individual tiles are very cute, which is why the whole thing is friendly to the youngest players. Looped, pleasant music makes the game more enjoyable, but if necessary, you can turn it off at any time. After each pair of matching animals, a satisfying sound is heard to let you know about a good move.

You can come back to Dream Pet Link over and over again for a great time every time, because the random arrangement of tiles never repeats itself. Launch your browser and play alone, practicing your perceptiveness, or together with your child, spending time together for light, pleasant entertainment. The game is always at your fingertips, so reach for it at any time!

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