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Dog Simulator 3D


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About the game Dog Simulator 3D

You think you're living a dog's life? Take on the role of a real quadruped and see that it's not that easy, especially when you're not just a couch potato, but an adventurous explorer! You will be pleasantly surprised by the dog simulator, because this is not just another game where your goal is to take care of a virtual puppy. You enter a dangerous world where other dogs can also attack you, and in the forest there is a deadly danger in the form of bears or wolves. This keeps the gameplay surprising and before you know it, your entire free afternoon will be gone.

Intuitive, easy controls mean that you will quickly find yourself in Dog Simulator 3D. A short tutorial will tell you how to start the game. At the beginning, it is not possible to choose the race of our hero, but we can give him a name and choose his gender. If you belong to people who value personalization of characters in games, nothing is lost: for coins, the currency available in the game, you can buy other dog breeds or skins that will give your virtual pooch any character.

One of your main tasks is to get meat, thanks to which the quadruped will not be hungry. You can get them by hunting, but you have to be careful because your hero is in danger from almost every side. At the beginning levels, it's not worth taking on bears or pumas; gain experience on smaller game, starting with ... Snails. The dog simulator also offers a number of side missions offered by nice NPCs. They will help you get coins, which you can then use to upgrade your home as well. Buying decorations is not just a visual thing - thanks to them you improve your quadruped's stats.

The Unity engine will give you a good gaming experience. Three-dimensional, colorful graphics of Dog Simulator 3D quite faithfully reflects all the details. You'll also like the list of achievements you can get while playing; they are associated with additional benefits, so it is worth keeping them in mind and trying to get all of them.

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