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About the game Coloring Book Toy Shop

Coloring Book Toy Shop - a colorful toy store

Coloring Book Toy Shop is great fun even for the youngest bytes. Thanks to this type of entertainment, they can learn to use a computer, distinguish colors and understand the outlines of pictures. The task is basically to color beautiful toys that you can choose from a list in front of you. It is not long - it has only six proposals - but each of the options has its own specificity and a different level of complexity. A tower made of block hoops will work for toddlers, while slightly larger children can prove themselves in the challenge with a patterned ball or a roller coaster.

The Coloring Book Toy Shop game is also a good proposition for stressed adults who want to take a break with something that does not require special concentration, skills or attention. You choose only the color you are interested in, and it instantly gives it a color after a single click on the selected area of the image and immediately disappears from the brush. There is a whole range of rainbow colors in front of you that you can use, so there is a field to show off.

When you decide the image is complete, you click the checkmark button to validate your creation. Then you are given a pin to pierce the triumphant balloons of victory, which will fly over your head. And that's it, but you can always go back to the same picture or choose another one. You don't have to worry about paper, paints, brushes, contours, rulers breaking, or the mess around such fun. It's all just one click away!

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