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For animal lovers, and especially for children, there are games that allow you to manage breeding of dogs and cats, a horse farm or the entire zoo. Some titles will allow you to play the role of a pet - a sweet kitten or a predator going hunting!

When playing games about animals and playing, for example, the creator of a zoo (e.g. in Zoomumba or My Free ZOO), we have to manage the entire available area well. After taking care of the well-being of exotic animals, we need to attract a lot of visitors and constantly develop our facility.

Sleeping, eating, drinking and… having fun - what more do cats and dogs need in our game? In games about breeding animals (eg Howrse - about horses, or in the game about dogs - Amazing Pets) we will see how demanding it is to take care of pets. Thanks to our commitment, a young foal or puppy can become a real champion that will beat other players in online competitions!

Performing tasks every day will accelerate the development of our pets and lead them to the top in the championship! Most animal games are also for kids. Some (e.g. zoo simulators), however, have extensive economic rules and may require more skills.

aplikacja mobilna