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Coloring pages - relaxing entertainment for everyone

Coloring is one of the children's favorite activities. No wonder, it's great fun! Not only for children - scientific research proves that focusing on such activities improves the ability to concentrate, sharpens the senses and brings a number of other benefits. Although the online version of coloring books looks a bit different, they also have a whole package of various advantages - you don't need to have cards, crayons and a ready-made pad at hand, perfect to create a play station. What's more, after coloring, you don't have to clean up at all, which will undoubtedly appeal to people who are messy with order. It's time to see what Only Games has to offer!

In the category of coloring pages you will find, above all, a whole lot of proposals with cartoon patterns. BTS Pig Coloring Book is a version in which you have to give colors to round and nice pigs. If you feel like it, try to make them unique and truly original - why don't you go beyond the conventions and change the classic pink to green or yellow? You are only limited by your own imagination. Back To School Pig Coloring Book has a whole set of colored pencils in beautiful colors and each one comes with a different size stylus. Choose your optimal one so that drawing with it is pleasant, but at the same time so that you can take care not to go beyond the contour lines.

Baby Penguin Coloring is a must-play if you're looking for something simply heartwarmingly cute. The title little penguin wants to function in a world full of adventures and colors, and in the meantime he found himself in a black and white reality. You have to help him get out of there somehow by adding colors to his reality. You can choose from eight pictures featuring both the baby and his family or friends, and at your disposal are also beautiful wax crayons in various colors and sizes, a magic eraser (if necessary) and ... a camera that it will allow you to immortalize your work when you're done. Happy coloring!

Cartoon Coloring For Kids: Animals is a pet edition of another popular coloring book. There are twelve pictures here, and each of them is just as charming. Will you spend a nice time with a delightful little fox, a pig, a turtle or maybe a fudge? Give them the right colors to make them want to play more! The mechanism of the game is really simple - it's an ordinary clicker, in which you just need to use the touchpad or the mouse. You can also play the game on a touchscreen mobile device.

Mandala Kids are slightly more abstract pictures, but no less interesting fun. Introduce the little ones to the world of coloring books for slightly older children by offering them this form of entertainment. Inspirational and imaginative graphic patterns are just a guide to how to have fun - try to stay within the outlines, unless your artistic intention is a bit different.

The next coloring pages are options like Hellokids Color By Number. As can be inferred from the English-language name, coloring here is done in a strictly defined order - there is no room for personal preferences and making decisions regarding shades on different surfaces. First, choose a picture - maybe it will be a teddy bear, or maybe a cute raccoon? And then proceed to coloring. After approximation, it turns out that the entire surface is divided into tiny squares, each of which is described by a specific number. These values correspond to the shades shown below, so you need to make sure you have the right tool in hand every time.

The work will be ready only when no numbers are visible on the background of the image - even where there is a white background, you must first get rid of the inscription. Such coloring pages have an extraordinary, relaxing power. Certainly you will not free yourself from it and you will want to come back!

aplikacja mobilna