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Bear Boom


About the game Bear Boom

Bear Boom - a sweet adventure with teddy bears

Do you know the classic fun of combining colorful pieces into cute and satisfying blocks and then let them burst, explode, melt or just disappear? The Bear Boom game is one of those proposals, with a teddy bear theme in the background. Begin by finding out what the challenge is in front of you at a given level, and then carefully complete it. Perhaps you will just get a list of colors that need to be completed, or something a bit more difficult.

Bear Boom is a simple little game that you can play in your browser. Due to the vertical, slightly elongated interface, it also works well in smartphones. Therefore, whatever device you have at your disposal, the game will be simple and relaxing. Laptop? Tablet? Desktop? Here you are! The colorful game was created primarily with children in mind, thanks to which the rules are simple and understandable even for the youngest children. It is enough to mention to them that the game mechanism is based on searching for clusters of jelly objects in a given color and clicking them (with the mouse or the finger, in the case of a touch screen). They will definitely do great!

Bear Boom has many levels and a new task awaits you in each of them. Over time, you will also start to learn new tricks and collect tools that will improve your activities. You can use the pause option at any time and finish the game at any time convenient for you. Oh, your achievements are rewarded with stars, so do your best!

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