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Maya the bee - coloring book


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About the game Maya the bee - coloring book

Maja the bee - a coloring book that stimulates creativity

The popular back to school period, when summer ends and a less active time of the year begins, when the youngest have fewer opportunities to play outside and with their peers, is the perfect time for interactive games. In the browser and free version you will find dozens of interesting proposals that will diversify long afternoons, evenings or weekends, and even the boring time of catching a cold. Maja the bee - coloring book for kids is a bull's-eye to interest the little ones with something that will make them happy. You must check it out!

You won't always find a sheet of paper, a nice sketch to fill in, and crayons or paints at hand. Currently, however, you are much more likely to have access to a mobile device with a whole range of offers. Maja the Bee - coloring book at Only Games will charm even the most demanding. Start by choosing one of four pretty pictures - this is the heroine of a solo evening or with your dear friends. Finally, you will have to color them all!

24 colored pencils just beg to be used - pay attention to the fact that you can also decide how thick the line you want to draw when painting individual elements of the game. Thanks to this, you will avoid going beyond the contours in hard-to-reach places, but also you will not spend too much time coloring Maja's hair, large or difficult elements. Just in case, there is also an eraser to deal with various errors if they appear.

The game Maya the Bee - coloring book is pleasant, joyful and absolutely does not contain elements unforeseen for the youngest. In the background, a nice, energetic melody sounds all the time (although it is not a song sung by Zbigniew Wodecki, known from the opening night of the evening, it is equally pleasant to the ear). Importantly, at the end of the game, you can take a souvenir screen shot, and the picture can go to your home gallery of pride!

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