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The Smurfs Village Cleaning


About the game The Smurfs Village Cleaning

Smurfs in a cartoon, film version have been entertaining generations for many years. The adventures of nice, blue creatures and their eternal fight with Gargamel have attracted a crowd of adventure-seeking children in front of the screens, curious how this unequal dispute will end. No wonder that the online game The Smurfs: Village Cleaning also appealed to the youngest, who wanted to help tidy up the heroes' houses after a failed prank by Joker. Pleasant, relaxing gameplay will also appeal to slightly older users of the site.

The exploding gifts of the smurf Zgrywus caused a lot of trouble for the villagers - all the houses (and their equipment) were covered with dirt and dirty-looking soot. So Papa Smurf asked you to help clean up all this mess. Well-known characters from the cartoon, such as Smurfette or Brainy, will come to you to help them with washing, polishing, sweeping and rinsing with the help of appropriate tools.

The Smurfs: clean the village with the mouse. To a large extent, you use the cursor here, which allows you to clean individual elements as thoroughly as possible, such as carpets or roofs of houses hollowed out in colorful mushrooms. The more meticulously done the task, the better - for each action you have a chance to earn stars, which then translate into upgrades to cleaning equipment, which will allow you to work faster and even more perfectly.

All this in the setting of aesthetic, fairy-tale graphics in the 3D style. Smurfs: cleaning up the village is a guarantee of long fun, also adapted to the youngest computer users. The game is easy to use, and the messages in English are clear and understandable even for people who do not speak this language very well. From the menu level, you can also choose other versions, including German, French or Dutch, thanks to which the game can also become an opportunity to train your linguistic skills.


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