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About the game Farming Simulator

Farming Simulator - be a farmer at any time of the year

Everyone has a moment in life when they would like to drop everything and live on a farm. If you do not have this feeling or it has not happened to you so far, then it is all ahead of you. Either way, it's better to prepare first to get the most satisfaction and pleasure out of it. The ideal tool for practicing is Farming Simulator, thanks to which you will not be afraid of even the toughest farm work.

Your duties will include plowing a designated, huge field, fertilizing it with appropriate agents, sowing it in full or protecting it against unwanted pathogens. If you don't know anything about it, don't worry! The game is prepared even for the greatest novices and everything will be explained in turn, and the tutorial will lead you by the hand like a mother with her own child on a walk through sweets. You don't need any training to get behind the wheel of a tractor, we'll take care of everything.

Farming Simulator is a must for any future farmer, but in fact, of course, not only for him. If you need a break from everyday duties and the hustle and bustle of a big city, move to idyllic reality and test yourself in a new role ... in the role. Just fire up your powerful machine (worth huge amounts of dollars), sit back and go take care of the corn field, potatoes or whatever you want. The control is done using the keyboard and the mouse. Caring for a field in this form can be very rewarding!

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