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Farm simulator - especially for fans of farming

Virtual games take various forms - from classic entertainment transferred to the online world, such as solitaire, pinball or Chinese, to advanced simulators of real reality, created in complex 3D technology. Both of these categories include the farm simulator, i.e. a game in which you have the opportunity to play the role of a real farmer. How to do this and what role should you choose? It is up to you.

Games in which you become a tractor operator are a classic proposition. These are proposals such as Farmer Tractor Cargo Simulator - there is a decent dose of emotions here and the timer definitely does its job, adding drama. At the beginning, the tasks do not present any major problem, but with time they become much more demanding and complicated. Driving a giant tractor, harvesting crops, or transporting them from place to place are some of the challenges you face. The standard control is by means of the arrows.

The game of the farm simulator can appear in such proposals, where it is easy for younger, less experienced players or people who do not like such engaging games. Farming 10 × 10 is the perfect game to kill the time in the queue or on the tram - you arrange green elements in the field, trying to create full lines. In Dr. Panda Farm, on the other hand, you learn how to run a fairy-tale farm in the land of the friendly bear doctor.

aplikacja mobilna