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Do you mean moving to the countryside? Or maybe rural life is your everyday reality? Whatever the reason, playing with an idyllic atmosphere can be a fun way to spend a long, boring, rainy evening. Test various simulators and games with a village and farm theme to get the best experience. Maybe among browser games there is a remedy for boring downtime?

Farming 10 × 10 is a great and really addictive proposition, although this title could be written differently. Warning: be careful when opening the game, when you need to study for an exam, have a lot of work or generally plan to do anything productive - it takes a lot of time. This game of rural life is based on a very interesting mechanism - neither tetris nor other puzzles. There are elements under the board that you need to arrange in the place of your choice. As soon as you manage to form a complete row or column - a tractor drives over and scoops the crops, giving you points. Very simple and fun, isn't it? Combine smart!

Another option for playing rural life could be Real Tractor Farming Simulator: Heavy Duty Tractor. Here's a real farming simulator! Here you control really heavy machinery, which is designed to improve and automate agricultural work on the farm. Collect the money you deserve, invest it, and then sweat it out again. Here is an idyllic reality!

aplikacja mobilna