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Simulators - real life, only even more interesting

“If I could be [insert any role or function] for a day…” - what if the dreams of the once popular Kayah song could come true in any version? In virtual reality it is possible. Think who you want to test yourself as, then run the simulator of this task, activity, profession, and even ... genre, if you want to see what it is like to be, for example, a wolf. Hours of great fun lie ahead of you!

Farming Simulator and related online games are farming reality simulators. You have specialized machines at your disposal that must fertilize, fertilize and plow the fields, and then harvest the crops (and sell them in some versions). A whole lot of tasks await you - agricultural reality is a hard piece of bread! Grow your business and equip yourself with technologies that will make this toil a lot easier, bringing even more satisfaction. See if you would like to work on a farm.

Sports simulators, such as the Slalom Ski Simulator, will take you into the pleasant reality of active recreation, where you can become a skiing master on the slopes - even during a short break from work or study. Choose your hero and move left or right to avoid the flags. Watch out for obstacles, keep a close eye on your surroundings, and don't get beaten! Score points on the meter and complete the entire route in the best style! Beautiful mountain scenery is a nice free.

aplikacja mobilna