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Farmerama - the agricultural empire

How to create a country farm without leaving home? Even children know the answer - by putting them on in a free online game! Farmerama is a game category where you can become a valued landowner by running your idyllic business. Choose games from this category to have a good time and get involved in fascinating gameplay. Decide for yourself what kind of fun you want today - a farm simulator in 3D technology, or maybe simple games, loosely referring to rural reality.

Farmerama games in the first of these versions are, for example, Farming Simulator. You operate heavy agricultural machinery, take care of the field, plow it, sow it, fertilize it, and then harvest it - all in the order defined by the seasons. Go through the levels to achieve higher levels of initiation and buy better vehicles that can diversify your farm, and above all - make the fun more attractive.

An interesting proposition from Farmerama is Frenzy Farming, a mishmash game. The board is divided into two parts - on the right there is a farm with arable fields, people responsible for planting the fields and harvesting, and on the left there is a classic pinball where you can earn some money. Have fun investing money in the development of your farm. Hire more and more employees to improve your work and create passive income. Do you feel the call of nature and at the same time the attraction to business? This is something for you!

aplikacja mobilna