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Merge Plants


About the game Merge Plants

Merge Plants - the mad gardener's laboratory

The Merge Plants game is one of the proposals from the farm series, with a gardening theme in the background. Do you love plants and your apartment is slowly starting to resemble a jungle? Or maybe you live on a farm and these are the motives close to your heart? Maybe you just like to surround yourself with lots of nice greenery? Test this browser game and you'll probably like it. The simple mechanism of the game is to match identical plants to each other, connect them by moving them on the board and create and discover new plant species. Although it is contrary to the real ideas about gardening, who can prohibit a bit of magic in online fun?

In Merge Plants, you first need to open a chest from which the most basic species of plant jumps out. After you get the identical one, you make combos with them, stacking one on top of the other. Thanks to this, two stalks will become a pink bush, two pink ones - green, then white flowers, and even later ... well, check for yourself what is still interesting in the game! Earn stars in the next levels and have a delicious meal on your farm.

Merge Plants is also a good proposition even for children. Thanks to very simple rules, based on perceptiveness, it can even be educational. Offer the youngest to play gardener together. Do not forget to add that in nature it looks a bit different, and the plants do not get out of wooden boxes to create mutated gene compositions.

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