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The farm - a simulation of a rural idyll

Functioning every day in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city, do you dream of returning to your farmer's roots? Or maybe you are into agriculture and you link your future with it? Test the farm games, in which you will find a lot of really interesting propositions. There are field cultivation simulators, farm machinery control or children's farm games - to choose from, depending on the color. What kind of farm do you want to spend tonight?

One of the more fun farm games is Fruit Farm Frenzy with a cute panda guide. Here you are dealing with beautiful, juicy fruit arranged in neat rows. Instead of just collecting them, move them around in such a way that identical species are lined up in rows or rows - at least three copies next to each other. In each level you collect points and have a set goal, after which you progress to the next level. Additionally, you get a star rating (0-3) after each completed stage. There are tons of them, so don't waste your time, just start a fruity harvest!

Another game where the farm is the main theme is Dr. Panda Farm. Here is a fairy-tale and colorful village that houses the magnificent and majestic farm of the main character. He has his helpers, such as a hippie or a monkey, who also have their duties. Take care of planting, fertilizing, caring for and harvesting plants to keep the farm running smoothly. A clear map and point and click mechanism are a great help.

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