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Farm Merge Valley


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About the game Farm Merge Valley

Farm Merge Valley is a casual farming game where you combine different animals and objects to improve them. By growing plants and raising animals on your farm, you open yourself to new, exciting lands.

The rural life on a farm you have always dreamed of is within the reach of your device: tablet, phone and computer. Create a farm that will be friendly to your neighbors and animals. Start by combining plants to get new types of crops. You can also create various animals, crops and materials to produce goods and repair buildings.

As you level up, you'll unlock new items and rewards to help you progress in the game. Leveling up gives you more game features and areas to help expand your farm. The animals will produce products that you can sell for money. You can then use your currency to purchase new areas of land and expand your farm. You will also find new buildings to renovate and expand production to a new level, which will provide greater monetary rewards.

Enjoy country life at Farm Merge Valley!

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