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Harvest Honors


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About the game Harvest Honors

Harvest Honors - High-caliber farm challenges

What do you associate everyday agricultural reality with? It is primarily hard and demanding physical work, but also joy, satisfaction with the harvest, strategic stocking planning and various logistic activities related to the farm. In farm games like Harvest Honors, you play the role of a landowner who is the rightful steward and has to make important decisions. There is no place for soil to become dirty here, but there is competition with other farmers, looking for the best solutions and… of course some fun. See for yourself!

You can test the free game Harvest Honors in guest mode or log in and develop your own farm. Choose from two game modes to start with - auto match or play with a friend - to set the rhythm of the game. If you play alone, bet on the number one option and you will get a worthy rival from another corner of the internet. First, you will face a duel over carrots. The goal is to collect 100 pieces of this delicious and healthy vegetable, and to do this you need to be smart and reflex when it comes to the puzzle. It's classic match 3 fun - you'll have a variety of farm tools straight from the field, such as cabbages, watering cans and shovels. Simultaneously with your opponent, you are looking for oblong, orange, crunchy treats, and whoever collects the indicated number first wins.

Subsequent missions in Harvest Honors are similar and no less demanding - try to create quadruple combinations of different elements, provoke chain reactions and develop other farming talents. The mini-game mode allows you to focus on smaller tasks, and the satisfaction it brings is enormous. Don't give in to your opponent and show better agricultural skills. Make your vegetables grow at a breathtaking pace and your fields are always well-kept and manicured. Complete the quests and earn the Agricultural Medal for Merit!

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