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Learning English in the nicest version

Browser games have many functions - they can be a pleasant relaxation, developing gray cells, exercising reflexes and various other things. Learning English in pleasant conditions is also one of them. How great is it to have fun while developing your vocabulary and learning new phrases? It's not that complicated at all - see it for yourself!

Classic Hangman, Halloween Hangman, Hangman Challenge ... The entire series with the title Hangman, ie the Polish version of the hangman, is a great opportunity to combine business with pleasure. You do not need a piece of paper, a pen or companions willing to play together. The machine, on the other hand, will independently think of passwords for you, making learning English a lot of fun. You have to guess what letters will be in it - if you hit, they will appear in the right place, if not, another piece of the gallows will be drawn, which can make you lose. Failed to guess the password? Do not worry! Write them on your word list and repeat them over and over again.

Learning English in the version for the youngest are cute Word Search games in which children can be accompanied by cats, dogs or other plush friends. Searching for words from the available letters is a great way to have fun and learn words. The rules are clear and transparent, and finding new options is a lot of fun. In case of a problem, you can also use the hints, so there is no pressure.

aplikacja mobilna